About Amerrickan

Amerrickan was created in 2008 as a way for Zach Merrick, bassist of All Time Low to connect with his fans while also delving into his hobbies and interests. 

After moving to Oahu, Hawaii in 2015 Zach got involved with Al Smith, the founder of Hawaii Ocean Ambassadors. Working with the Ambassadors he saw the need for change and an opportunity to spread awareness to the cause. The more you know the more power you have. This platforms aim is to put out fun, comfy, ethically made clothing gives back to the global community. A percentage of the proceeds from shirts is given to the Surfrider Foundation, helping to keep our oceans clean and spread awareness on sustainability and other pressing environmental issues. As well as, giving several tips and life hacks on how to be more conscious of our human footprint, and giving the resources to help get involved in your own community. If everyone makes a small step, it equals big change.